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Northeastern US

Apple Carnegie Library

When Apple and architecture firm Beyer Blinder Belle began to restore Washington, D.C.’s Carnegie Library, they found a surprise in the basement. An original Guastavino tile ceiling was hiding in the former Bicycle Room under a layer of paint and light fixtures. Preservationists brought the tile back to life, and the space is now a gallery dedicated to the history of Carnegie Library.

Guastavino ceilings use terracotta tiles to form self-supporting arches and architectural vaults. The tiles at Apple Carnegie Library are set in a herringbone pattern with layers of Portland cement. Every tile in each of the three gallery vaults has a uniform ribbed surface texture.

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Northeastern US

Rohan Tandon


Rohan is an illustrator and designer in Massachusetts. His richly detailed artworks are created on an iPad Pro with Procreate and Affinity Designer.

Alexander Fusté


Alexander is a designer and artist in Washington, D.C. and a DC Design Week Featured Artist. His work spans from clean vector illustrations to sumi ink paintings.

Kristen Meyer


Kristen is a multimedia artist in New Haven, CT specializing in prop styling, floral design, and interior decorating. Her precise compositions become fine art prints.

Laura C Moyer


Laura is an illustrator and designer in Pennsylvania. Her illustrations balance pattern and texture with imaginative mid-century style.

Tracie Ching


Tracie creates movie posters, political imagery, and expressive illustrations with striking color palettes and a signature cross-hatching style. She was a featured artist in a live Art Slam that opened Apple Carnegie Library in 2019.