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The 12 Days Of Apple Stores



Apple Regent Street

Hiding above the four massive arched windows of Apple Regent Street in London are intricate mosaics made from thousands of Venetian smalti glass tiles. The art was created by Antonio Salviati, an Italian glassmaker who previously occupied the store. More Salviati mosaics can be founded in churches across England and France.

Photo: Look Up London

The artwork at Apple Regent Street depicts the heraldry of the cities of London, Westminster, Murano, and Burano, as well as a British royal lion and the Venetian lion of St. Mark.

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Creating In The UK

Joe Kibria


Joe is a freelance Senior Art Director and captures dynamic street scenes in London.

Rory Hopkins


Rory is a graphic designer in South Wales using an iPad Pro and Procreate to create illustrations.

Boyan Georgiev


Boyan is a photographer and creative artist specializing in 3D animation and VFX for film and TV.

James Ball


James is an art director using vibrant photography to tell the design story of technology.