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The 12 Days Of Apple Stores


Southern US

Apple Highland Village

Apple Highland Village in Houston, Texas is one of four Apple Stores in the world to share an all-glass, arched roof design. Steel trusses span between stone walls to support 54 laminated and cold bent glass panels. Lighting and utilities for the store are integrated into the long steel purlins, and each glass panel is treated to mitigate the harsh Texas sun.

Photo: /r/Houston

The other three Apple Stores with a roof design similar to Highland Village are Apple Upper West Side in New York City, Apple Palo Alto, and Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

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Southern US

Connor Cleveland


Connor is a freelance photographer and videographer in Austin, TX. Much of his work is shot on 35mm and 120mm film.

Juan Pablo Madrid


Juan is a Design Director in New Orleans, LA. His work spans from photography to augmented reality illustration.

Allen Lafuente


Allen is an illustrator and designer in Austin, TX. An iPad Pro is his illustration tool of choice.



Zed's nomadic lifestyle has taken him to every corner of the US and most recently to Houston, TX. He captures the communities he visits along the way.

Jenean Morrison


Jenean is an illustrator and shopkeeper at the Cooper-Young Gallery in Memphis, TN. Her most recent coloring book encourages you to stay home and color.