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The 12 Days Of Apple Stores

DAY 12

Southeast Asia

Apple Marina Bay Sands

Deflecting Singapore’s intense heat and sunlight inside the glass dome of Apple Marina Bay Sands required special engineering. Circular baffles with a wedge profile are arranged in horizontal rings inside the dome. The baffles protect against glare and are covered in fabric that bounces light upwards to create diffused light.

Photo: David Rainey

Each baffle is filled with foam for acoustic attenuation. Architects Foster + Partners modeled how well the baffles would perform in various conditions first on computers, and then with full-scale mockups. Larger baffles with a similar design and purpose encircle the outer walls of Apple Park.

Discover Artists
Creating In Southeast Asia

Peeradon A.


Peeradon is an architectural and cityscape photographer in Thailand. His carefully composed scenes capture the dynamic energy of Bangkok.



The team of three behind ViaBus is based in Bangkok and began building a realtime transit app shortly after completing post-secondary education. ViaBus now boasts almost two million users.

Pada K.


Pada is a travel photographer currently shooting on iPhones and DSLRs in Thailand.

André Wee


André is an experimental illustrator and 3D artist in Singapore. His most recent work includes imagery for Apple Singapore's top apps of 2020.

Teoh Yi Chie


Teoh is an urban sketcher in Singapore. His artwork spans from on-location watercolor painting to digital illustration.

Jonathan Choe


Jonathan is an associate at WOHA Architects, designer, artist, and skygardener. He photographs stunning perspectives of Singapore's futuristic skyline.